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Our Story

After years in the pharmaceutical industry, Courtney and Paul Forster – a married couple hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona – turned their attention to skincare, bringing prescription level efficacy and quality to countless customers looking to avoid the costly process of seeing a dermatologist. Now they aim to bring that same level of expertise to the rapidly-growing world of CBD.

CBD is a totally legal cannabinoid product that can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis plants, and while it contains no psychoactive components, people are only just starting to see its benefits. This is largely due to misinformation, with little research going into anything connected to cannabis or hemp. With more and more states legalizing cannabis in recent years, this is starting to change.

Since cannabis still isn’t legal everywhere, Mix Hemp CBD oil is carefully derived from high quality, industry-grade hemp with absolutely no THC. Through leading CBD experts Folium Biosciences and their network of organic farms, our hemp is grown with high CBD content in mind. Our CBD is then extracted with advanced nanotechnology to produce a highly concentrated and effective concentrate.

Whether you prefer chewing on gummies or putting some drops of our oil in your beverage of choice, you’ll enjoy taking your wellness into your own hands with our organic CBD oil products.   

So please enjoy the health benefits of our all natural hemp-derived CBD oils, capsules and edibles and be sure to spread the word. Oh, and if you say something nice about us on social media, we’ll send you a case of beer (and if you put a drop or two of our CBD oil in that beer, all the better).